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Nope! Our trial is 100% free and does not require a credit card to start service. A credit card will be required to continue service after 30-days.

Absolutely no hidden fees. The price you see is exactly what you pay monthly. All taxes and fees are included in that price.

Not at all. Your service is month to month and you can cancel anytime for any reason.

No! That violates our company code of ethics. You don’t have to jump through hoops to cancel your service. Simply tell your Success Manager or email us at We will give you the offer to suspend your service for up to 60 days (with no pressure), or cancel completely. The only question we ask is “What could we have done better to keep you?”

Cheq’d operates on a subscription billing model. In order to receive the benefits of submitting requests whenever you want, for whatever you want, and as frequently as you want, a monthly service fee is required.

We do not accept check, cash, money transfer, or Paypal as methods of payment. At the moment the only accepted form of payment is a verified credit or debit card.

Please contact support immediately if you were billed after cancellation. We do our very best to avoid billing mistakes, but they can happen, especially if you cancel close to your monthly renewal date. Your cancellation request will be time-stamped and recognized on the date/time that you submitted your request. Should you be billed after that date, you will be eligible for a refund.

We only offer refunds in certain situations. Unfortunately, we can’t refund due to inactivity. However, if your account was not used during the month, we are happy to offer you a one-time rollover credit of that month’s tasks to be used the following month. Just reach out to your Success Manager and ask for a “courtesy rollover”.

Talk to your Success Manager or contact support. Chances are it’s a communication gap or your expert is waiting for information to complete your task.

Your projects are laid out in order on your dashboard. To change the order or re-arrange them, simply tell your Success Manager and they’ll do it for you.

Yes as long as you provide the instructions in English and all of the content associated with the project.

Speak to your Success Manager immediately, they are your advocate. Your Success Manager will likely assign another qualified expert to your projects and monitor your projects more closely to ensure quality control. Our goal is to deliver a seamless experience and make sure you’re receiving outstanding value with Cheq’d.

Yes. We only use fonts that are fully licensed or free to use in your designs.

All of our team members double-check resources, icons, images, and fonts used on your design for trademark and copyright infringement. You can have the confidence to use your completed work without fear of trademark or copyright infringement.

Turnaround time during the workweek is 48-72 hours for most projects and revisions. More complicated projects can take longer depending on the scope of work (coding a web page, writing and designing an ebook, etc.) your Success Manager will let you know if that is the case before starting your project.

We guarantee delivery within 5 business days for all tasks.

We don’t offer backend coding at this time. We can work with WordPress, Elementor, Divi and are adding on more every day. We also work with front end technology such as HTML, CSS, JQUERY, JAVASCRIPT, etc

Yes! We love working with Agencies. If you can’t find a plan that works for you, send an email to and we will work together on a custom solution.

If you are taking advantage of our Secured Website Hosting services, yes! Your website is backed-up daily to an off-site server, and we can restore the backup upon request. If you are not using our Secured Website Hosting services, we still take a backup of your website before completing changes, however, we cannot guarantee the integrity of our backups and are not responsible for any data loss that occurs as the result of backup failure. In this instance, you are responsible for ensuring that you have created and saved a full backup before we begin any work. 

Note: We do offer website backup configuration as an available task that you can request.

You receive all the source files and any files you need for web and print. If you need any other files or sizes, just let your Success Manager know.

We can build a WordPress website from the ground up. We typically create the designs first and then code it using the newest tech.

Yes, all accounts come with stock photos from our licensed sources. You are also welcome to provide any photos you would like used as well.

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